Do you want to boost your health and happiness, so you can live the awesome life you truly deserve?

At AwesoME Inc® we’re on a mission to help you do just that.

Our gratitude journals and resilience-building programmes are designed to empower kids, teens and adults to elevate your own happiness, so you can become stronger and wiser through the experiences of everyday life.

Our tools and techniques are scientifically proven, easy to use and can be implemented in just a few minutes a day.

Stay focused. Keep calm. Be positive.

AwesoME Inc® journals are more than a gratitude journal – they are also a resilience building tool. When crisis hits having skills that build up your resilience can be a life-saver. Helping yourself and those you love survive through difficult times can seem like a distant dream.

Imagine not just surviving but thriving, and becoming stronger and wiser through the experiences of everyday life. That is what building resilience is all about, and in AwesoME Inc® journals you will find added tools and techniques, based on the latest scientific research, to help you do just that. Read through the pages and fill in the activities to learn amazing yet simple ways you can build your emotional resilience.

You can’t avoid negative experiences altogether, but you can about train your brain to appreciate the positive experiences when they happen and take the time to focus on them.

Awesome Inc

Nicky Perry
Managing Director


AwesoME Inc® is a New Zealand company, founded in 2015 by friends Nicky Perry and Bex Lipp.

For over a decade, Bex had used gratitude as a tool for navigating her personal mental health challenges. She wanted to create a journal that would enable others to do the same.

Nicky, a graphic designer with a background in scientific publishing and psychology, began to investigate the science behind the practice of gratitude. She discovered that a regular practice of gratitude not only reduces depression and anxiety, but can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and rewire your brain to bring more joy, optimism and happiness to your everyday life.

Known by her friends as a ‘good listener,’ Nicky had long been the go-to support person for loved ones in times of mental distress. The more Nicky learned about the power of gratitude, resilience and positive psychology, the more she wanted to share these tools with others before they reached a point of crisis.

And so AwesoME Inc® was born. From an initial modest print run of just 50 journals, AwesoME Inc® now supplies award-winning gratitude journals and resilience training to thousands of individuals, families, schools, sports clubs, and corporate customers across Australasia and beyond.

Change Your Thoughts. Change Your Perspective. Change Your Life.


OPTIMISTIC We believe that above all else, there is always hope.

RESILIENT We have first-hand experience of the impact of negative habits, unhealthy cycles and mental illness. We share our own experiences as well as stories from a professional perspective to encourage others.

CARING We care about people, we care about our communities and we care about the planet. We’re often led by our hearts and have a strong sense of justice.

AUTHENTIC We will always tell it like it is. We won’t shy away from something because it’s not warm and fuzzy. We are practical, real and down-to-earth.

TRANSPARENT We aren’t perfect. We struggle just like everyone else. But you can trust us, because we are decent and honest.

SPONTANEOUS We love to learn and have fun and are always coming up with new and improved ways of sharing positivity.

CURIOUS We have a thirst for knowledge as this helps us develop new skills and become better people. Through our research we hope to be able to share more of what we learn.


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