Does this sound familiar?

You get angry easily.
You are anxious all the time.
You find it hard to fall asleep because your mind is racing.
You always feel negative.
You are feeling overwhelmed.

Are YOU looking for a sure-fire way to manage your emotions?

Then this program is for you…

A fabulous 12 module resilience training that is easy to follow and based on the best psychological research out there at the moment.




Improve your emotional resilience AND your health with this resilience training, developed for you by AwesoME Inc®.

Start your resilience journey today!
Includes 12 Modules and BONUS material.
Content valued at over $4,000!!

*Prices in New Zealand Dollars.


Not only does it impact on your day to day emotional health but it also impacts your physical health.

Created by educational psychologist Juliet Battersby and AwesoME Inc®, The Resilience Toolkit eCourse takes you through twelve (12) easy to follow modules full of instructions, worksheets and more, based on the latest scientific research.

Learn to become more resilient, enabling you to deal with times of stress and hardship, and live the life YOU deserve.

By starting your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today you will get…

12 Modules of step-by-step instructions with the latest skills, tools and resources based on the best psychological research out there at the moment.

PLUS BONUS content/eBooks.

PLUS 12 BONUS gorgeous inspirational prints.


Yours for only $49!!

*Prices in New Zealand Dollars.

Start TODAY with all 12 Modules!

On purchase you will receive:

An Introduction and Resilience Stocktake

Find out what your resilience looks like right now and what supports you have in place.

Relax – Breathing and Guided Meditation
+ Bonus Content

Get familiar with and regularly practicing two of the easiest and most well researched relaxation techniques.

Relax – Mindfulness
+ Bonus Content

Learn about the concept of Mindfulness and how to practice it.

Relax – Gratitude & Optimism

Find out how GRATITUDE can change your life, build your emotional resilience and your health.

Move – Move Fast

We show you the impact exercise has on your brain and emotional well-being and the knock on effects.

Move – Move Slow
+ Bonus Content

Find out what exercise is effective in reducing symptoms of stress, and emotional distress.

Engage – Social Connection
+ Bonus Content

Find out how the support and the connections we have in our communities are so meaningful to us, and get tips on how to create them.

Engage – Communicate

Find out how you can communicate effectively and positively with others.


Engage – Contribution

What’s your why? Find your passion and what gives your life meaning.

Develop – Mindsets

Learn how to face new challenges with a growth mindset.

Develop – Challenge Negativity
+ Bonus Content

Find out the ‘thinking traps’ you can fall into when something doesn’t go to plan and the strategies you can use to get out of them and get back up.

Develop – Goal Setting
+ BONUS Vision Board Starter Pack

Find out how to set goals and motivate yourself to turn your vision, of your ideal future, into reality.

All Modules include EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL including:

At The Heart of Gratitude eBook, A Guide to Gentle Nutrition eBook, Vision Board Starter Pack (Printable), amazing articles on Connection, Mindfulness and Confidence, and inspirational prints!

Get The Resilience Toolkit eCourse, valued at over $4,000, for the awesome price of $49 and start your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today.

*Prices in New Zealand Dollars.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”


Why is RESILIENCE important?

There are two ways to think about resilience:

to be so strong that absolutely nothing bad ever penetrates,
or to be flexible enough to take the hits, rebound, bounce back.

Many of us think we must be the former. Strong and impenetrable, affected by nothing, able to cope with everything. Lovely in theory but IMPOSSIBLE and when we can’t live up to this expectation it’s tough. We can be tough on ourselves and start telling ourselves we should be able to cope, we should be better than this, do more, be more, and down we go…

The reality is that unexpected things will happen, we will get tired, stressed, frustrated, and we will get sad.

And that’s OK. really it is.

This is where the second idea of resilience comes in, and is what we think of as resilience in the psychology world.

Resilience is having the skills, tools, and resources (both internal and external) to identify negative emotions, to accept them, and rebuild.

In The Resilience Toolkit eCourse we share with you a whole range of these skills, tools and resources. Some may be new to you but many will be things you already do or just seem common sense. That’s because most of the time we are resilient.

Most of the time we do a good job of getting to school or work, enjoying our friends, spending time with family, walking the dog, and dealing with traffic.

It’s just when something unexpected happens or the pressure gets turned up that we need some additional support or some help in accessing the support we already have.

The Resilience Toolkit eCourse will enable you to deal with times of stress and hardship, and you can live the life you deserve.

A life worth living.


Developed by a professional psychologist and valued at over $4,000, BUY NOW FOR ONLY $49!

*Prices in New Zealand Dollars.

So what’s in a Module?

Get familiar with, and regularly practicing, well researched techniques.

When you purchase The Resilience Toolkit you will gain instant access to PDFs broken down into sections – Stocktake, Relax, Move, Engage and Develop PLUS links to download the amazing bonuses!

Each module contains step by step instructions, work sheets and more by educational psychologist Juliet Battersby and AwesoME Inc®.

*Easy to use worksheets for all ages 10+

Your Instructors

About Juliet Battersby

Juliet Battersby is a registered Educational Psychologist who has worked in special education with the Ministry of Education, with serving personnel and their families in the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), and assessing children’s cognitive and academic functioning in private practice.

Juliet has an MA(Hons) endorsed in Clinical Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology. She is a registered Educational Psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

More about Juliet

About AwesoME Inc

AwesoME Inc is THE place to go to source the tools, backed by science, to help improve your health and happiness. We wish to help create a happier and healthier YOU, because YOU deserve to live a fulfilling life.

By focusing on things like: Gratitude, Resilience, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Relationships; we can improve our levels of happiness and fulfillment. We soon learn that we can have a content and meaningful life with a whole lot less.

More about AwesoME Inc……

Get The Resilience Toolkit eCourse, valued at over $4,000, for the awesome price of $49 and start your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today.

*Prices in New Zealand Dollars.

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