"I am a Mum of 2 and we bought our young child your wonderful 'Awesome Ends in Me' journal for Christmas. We had started a 'thank you' book which was a 2B5 gratitude journal after our child disclosed to us in September that they were sexually abused by their besties older brother (a peer). The journey is ongoing, there have been some dark days, psychologist appointments, feelings, moods and emotions felt in epic force but the one thing that we promised ourselves, our children and our family is that there is always good in a day. There are always good things to come from experiences even one so dark such as this.
I commend the journey that you are on, your business is not just for profit, it promotes well being, resilience, pride in ones self - mana. I know that for us (I have a gratitude journal started at that time also) it has helped us tremendously, it resets our focus back to the good things in our day and there are many! Taking a moment to put pen to paper and acknowledge the good in a person, in a day decreases anxiety and can be such a mood shifter.
Thank you for creating such wonderful life changing products".
- Waikato Mum

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Amazing gratitude journals!

"It has little prompts which I super love.. it talks about growth mindset and understanding emotions which sets them up for life... I love that it has this kind of educational aspect as well. Thank you AwesoMe Inc, totally recommend."

Natalie Cutler-Welsh - Parenting Author


“Love it!! I wish I could afford to give every person I know one xx”

Krystal R


“Love my journal, use it every morning and night. I’ve just purchased one for my 11 year old, looking forward to it arriving!” Saskia

“LOVE LOVE LOVE my gratitude journal! Was so happy to receive it and then it came with a lovely hand written note thanking me from the ladies! Love it! My friend was there when I received it and she loved it so much she bought one too! Very Happy.” Riky H


“Now that gift-day has passed, I can FINALLY say that I bought a bunch of these for family and friends – everyone has LOVED them. One of the nicest gifts I got to give was the journal I gave my mum for her birthday – all of the family have written in it for her, things they’re grateful for about her. Very special indeed! Thanks AwesoME Inc for making that possible!” Angel P


“My Juniors love them particularly the smooth covers and doodling potential. It’s part of our bigger push for well-being”

Melanie - English Teacher,
Rangi Ruru Girls School


“Thank you AwesoME Inc. We love our Gratitude books. We’ve coloured them and written daily since we got them. We think hard about our best thing that happened yesterday and what we are grateful for today. Absolutely wonderful thank you ladies. These are much treasured and part of family traditions already, very happy children.” Brenda J & Kids

“We run a programme for teenagers (Years 11, 12 & 13) which uses exercise to motivate, build self esteem and self confidence. During the breakfast session we have various inspirational or career focused guest speakers, or we talk to them about techniques to help them. This year we introduced Gratitude based on information from Awesome Inc and their gratitude journals. We had such a positive response to this with 75% of the students rating the session as enjoyable, which was the highest rated session. Gratitude was rated as the biggest lesson taken from the guest speakers overall. The students made comments such as “writing what you are grateful for helps you feel more positive”, ” it made me a happier person in a way because I never use to express what I was grateful for….”, “The gratitude forced me to reflect on my day in a more positive light which has been a great change in my life”. Parents have commented on the shift in their teenagers attitude to life as well. Thank you to Awesome Inc for providing us with the information we are extremely grateful.” Natasha Marinkovich - School Community Officer Taupo & Turangi | Bluelight

Lynne Power

The only Gratitude Journal I have been able to commit to!

"I love the fact that they are not dated and the information included is REALLY useful. Anyone I have shared them with feels the same way. They are a perfect coaching tool as they build on what we discuss in coaching sessions and serve to keep clients on track in between sessions."

Lynne Power – Toolkit Coaching


“I just wanted to say we received our Awesome Ends in ME journal for my 7 year old son. It’s amazing. It actually makes me quite emotional because I think how resources like this could’ve helped me so much as a child. I’m so glad I backed your Kickstarter and you should be super proud of the things you are doing to help our kids xx “ Aimee

"Thank-you so much for your wee note. When I received my Gratitude Journal it couldn’t have been at a more perfect time; I was sent to hospital this week unexpectedly and had to have surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy, when I woke from surgery my husband had brought the journal in to me as it had just arrived that day. Straight away I wrote my first entry in the journal as I had a lot to be thankful for following surgery. It has really helped me stay positive in these last few days, so a huge thank-you!! Keep up the great work and all the best with your company :)” Sophie B

“It has become very clear to me lately how important the power of positive thinking is. Honestly, I used to think it was a load of bull. But it makes so much sense to me now; we attract what we radiate. Thank you so much AwesoME Inc. Your journal has changed my life.” Anon

“So happy with my gratitude journal I bought two more as gifts….. It was so quick and efficient it was here in Australia in 4 days, well done ladies, can’t wait to gift them.” Louise C


Dr Emma Woodward

"Always use your journals as examples in my work. Best I’ve ever come across!"

Dr Emma Woodward
The Child Psychology Service


“I gave my daughters a kids gratitude journal each as part of their Christmas pressies and honestly didn’t know what their reaction would be as they are 5, 9 and 11. I am thrilled to say that they LOVE writing in their journal and are writing three things they are grateful for each day. My nine year old wrote in her second entry that she was grateful for the sun shining and it makes her happy! Needless to say I am going to encourage the continued use of their journals (I personally love reading what they have written) and would definitely recommend purchasing from this awesome company :)” Lisa S

Louisa Currie

It's so cool!

"I got one because my little guy was always focusing on the wrong stuff. He really took to it. It has made such a difference to how he approaches everything. I really highly recommend them. Just go ahead and buy one, you won't regret it!"

Louisa Currie - Mum


“These beautiful diaries have made my day – or literally MINE has! It is source of calm and peace and thoughts for me – I swear it is taking on an energy of its own with each little embellishment I add!. The diaries as so well crafted, and I know a lot of love went into their creation – I gave my adult daughters one each at Christmastime as well. I highly recommend you getting a diary if you are cultivating mindfulness and gratitude this year.” Joanna V


“Got my journals today – so nice to be able to unwrap a little bit of happiness”



“I recently purchased two of the Resilient ME Gratitude Journals for my children and they are absolutely brilliant!! My daughter struggles a lot with empathy and thinking of others so when I saw these advertised on facebook I thought it was worth a try. As soon as they arrived the kids were both doing the first wee activities and they love doing them every night and as a parent I really enjoy reading what they have written or where they are sitting on the happiness scale. Next step is to purchase one for myself to encourage a bit of positivity. Thank you so much.“ Melissa Edge

“I recently brought one of your journals for my sons 10th birthday. I did hum and har about buying him one but I am soooo happy I did. He has moments of anger and gets really down on himself very quickly. We read the intro together and he has looked forward to recording his days since. You guys have an AMAZING product and I look forward to buying my other children one each also!!!!” Tracey Tinirau Whitiora

“I got my gratitude journal today. It is gorgeous! The picture on your website was great but it’s so much prettier in real life. Thank you!” Kirsten

“Love the awesomeness! Ordered yesterday and received today, that’s fast efficient service! Looking forward to taking time out to put some more goodness into my journal and to pass on the gifts I bought too. Thank you.” Vicki G


“As a wellbeing and resilience practitioner I thoroughly recommend these beautiful journals. My clients love to use them to support their own journey to wellbeing at work.”

Kathryn Jackson
Leadership & Resilience Coach


“We purchased one of your beautiful Gratitude Journals for our daughter at Christmas and it has become such a gorgeous part of her bedtime routine! She requested that we all talk about what we are grateful for at dinner, so now all five of us pull out the lovely moments and hidden treasures we remember from our day. Thank you for a truly wonderful initiative, it has honestly changed our family for the better x” Meredith S

“You guys have absolutely made my day! More like my year lol! Thanks so very much. Adore my “I am enough” gratitude journal. Has everything I follow & love in it including some sweet colouring in. I love journals. But I’m all honesty “this is the most beautifully stunning one I’ve ever had” Can’t stop looking at it lol. Also the wee personal touches & the lovely wrapping is just delightful. I’ve had a horrible few years & just now starting to recover & think of myself. This is the ultimate way to do just that. So extremely grateful xoxo” Zena

“Thank you very much – I now have all the books and they are beautiful (might even get more yet). Thank you for helping out with the two early books & the free colouring book too. Ko te tumanako kia pai to ra – I wish you a good day.” Kara

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