Shakti Acupressure Headband - Black

Shakti Acupressure Headband - Black

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The perfect addition to your self-care routine and a game- changer for head tension.

A mild headache can be a massive pain - this is the perfect addition to ease yours naturally. Simply wrap The Shakti Headband lightly around your forehead and temples and feel the pressure lift from your head in minutes as it targets key acupressure points. 

“Great to relieve tension and headaches. Could not recommend highly enough!”

Handmade with 100% organic cotton jersey and 378 Shakti spikes.

70cm Length | 9cm Width 


The Shakti Headband targets key acupuncture points around the sides and back of the head that help to:

 Relieve mild headaches
 Soothe a tight jaw, neck or pressure in sinuses
 Support mental clarity and focus at work
 Ease tension from fatigue or stress
 Aid relaxation and downtime at-home

How to Use:

The Shakti Headband can be used at home or at work, when you’re winding down or on the go. Simply wrap The Headband lightly around your forehead and temples before securing it at the back, anytime your mind feels tension coming on. Leave it on for 15-50 minutes at a time.

What to Expect:

It is all prickles at first, and there may be an initial ouch moment that soon dissolves into warmth as blood moves to the area. Any discomfort turns to tingles and then eventually a “letting-go” sensation, as pressure lifts from your head. Control the intensity yourself by simply loosening or tightening the band.

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