Resilient Kids Toolkit (age 5-12)

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Perfect for the child who gets overwhelmed easily, struggles with self-confidence and needs help to focus on what really matters.

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Combine these FOUR fabulous kids resources in one discounted bundle to help your kids develop emotional literacy and build resilience!


  • 1 x Resilient ME® Gratitude Journal for Kids
  • 1 x Emotional Warriors Card Game
  • 1 x Emotional Warriors Feelings Notepad

+ FREE GIFT Healthy Emotions Printable Poster

The perfect toolkit to help kids get the most out of practicing gratitude, but also bursting with fun activities to help build resilience, boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges, build a positive attitude, improve mental fitness and enhance well-being.

Resilient ME® Gratitude Journal for Kids: For ages 5-12, this gratitude and resilience journal not only teaches kids how to get the most out of practicing gratitude, but also has heaps of fun activities to help them build resilience and boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges and build a positive attitude.

Emotional Warriors Card Game: Little tools to learn about BIG emotions. This fun card game teaches kids that all emotions are normal, and serve an important function for healthy emotional development. Have fun while learning!

Emotional Warriors Feelings Notepad: Kids feeling overwhelmed and can't find the words to communicate? Let the Emotional Warriors help them to communicate their feelings fast with this easy to fill out tear-off notepad.

+ Your Free Gift

Healthy Emotions Printable Poster: Let the Emotional Warriors help teach your kids self-management skills enabling them to recognise their feelings fast and learn how to help them pass. The perfect daily reminder! Print out and hang up in the classroom or at home.

“My kids were skeptical at first.
Now they love writing in their journals. We are all now coping better with all that life has to throw at us, which is a lot!” LIZ - Parent

"The emotion cards are going to be so handy to help my fireball of a second son,
as he really does not understand how to explain some feelings, or how to deal with them." EMILY - Parent

Shaping grateful, confident and resilient children

Through the Resilient Kids Toolkit your kids can safely explore, acknowledge and understand their BIG emotions, develop a positive attitude, learn to focus on their strengths and build the emotional resilience vital for well-being.

Times have been tough on you, imagine what your kids are going through!

Parents and teachers are more aware than ever of the importance of emotional wellbeing and raising resilient kids.

The Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids is a before-crisis guided journal that is full of simple tools and fun activities backed by science and designed to improve mental fitness and wellbeing.

Kids can learn how to:

🚀 Regulate your emotions
🧠 Foster a positive mindset
💪 Feel more confident
🌳 Develop healthy habits
🥰 Make meaningful connections
🙏 Cope with adversity

Endorsed by...

New Zealand Defense Force
Oranga Tamariki
Ministry of Education
The Child Psychology service
Otago Mental Health support trust

Take a look inside the kids journal...

Focused. Grateful. Resilient. Kind

Our kids are experiencing ANXIETY, ANGER, SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES and other BIG EMOTIONS they don’t know how to deal with.

But kids really are capable of extraordinary things and childhood is the perfect time to develop resilience — they just need guidance.

AwesoME Inc journals help kids understand that the big feelings they are having are normal, and teaches them simple ways to build resilience, stay calm and maintain a positive attitude.

Whilst they might not entirely comprehend the tools, all based on the latest psychological research, they work! Presented in a fun and engaging way to create essential healthy habits, build meaningful connections and facilitate behaviour change to improve mental fitness. We can’t always stop our kids facing challenges but we can teach them the skills so these challenges don’t break them.

Your child is capable of great things. They deserve to have the best guidance to help them uncover their strengths, capabilities, and resilience. Prepare them to face life with self-confidence and a positive attitude.

Practicing gratitude for just 5 minutes a day contributes to a calmer, happier home.

Yes! You can literally rewire your brain because 40% of your happiness is directly within your control through your behaviours, attitude and intention.

You can have:

A calmer, happier home

Confident, kinder kids

Less emotional outbursts

A stronger mindset and self-esteem

A more positive outlook

AwesoME Inc guided gratitude journals are endorsed and used by psychologists for their own clients!
Finally a proven way to improve your mental wellbeing before you reach crisis point, and it only takes 5 minutes a day.
It’s time to take back control of your happiness and your life.

Read the science HERE


What people are saying about our journals

Becky Minton


"I have just received our 'Awesome Ends In Me' journal for our kids and am stoked. This is so powerful and a great tool to help raise resilient children. Positive kids equal motivated kids!"

Becky Minton - Parent & Teacher

Dr Emma Woodward


“I use gratitude journaling for myself, with my clients and my kids to build in and strengthen good wellbeing habits into everyday. The gratitude journals by AwesoME Inc are actually the best that I've come across.”

Dr Emma Woodward - The Child Psychology Service

Anna Flowerday


"This should be funded into the hands of every primary school aged child. Teaching kids how to look after their mental health and about resilience is as important as teaching them how to swim, or read and write."

Anna Flowerday - Parent

Read more customer reviews HERE

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