Resilient Family Toolkits - Choose 1, 2 or 3 Kids Journals

Resilient Family Toolkits - Choose 1, 2 or 3 Kids Journals

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The ultimate family toolkit to help your kids manage their meltdowns and focus on what really matters, so you can have a calmer, happier home and grow stronger together.

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The Resilient Family Toolkit contains fun, highly interactive and effective tools for everyone. You and your kids will build up your family’s strength and resilience through our awesome gratitude journals for kids and adults – supported by amazing resources focused on reinforcing emotional resilience and building emotional literacy.

Choose 1, 2 or 3 Kids Resilient ME Gratitude Journals - based on the number of children you have.

Plus also receive:

  • 1 x Adult Resilient ME Gratitude Journal (Game Changer)

  • 1 x Positive Affirmation Card Set

  • 1 x Emotional Warriors Card Game for Kids

  • PLUS FREE GIFTS valued at over $35 including our popular Emotional Warriors Feelings Notepad

What's in a Resilient Family Toolkit?

How many kids are in your family?

Select the toolkit right for you:

$112.80 $89.95 - SAVE 20%

- 1x Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids
- Emotional Warriors Card Game (memory card game for Kids)
- Positive Affirmation Card Set + Stand
- 1x Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Adults

$142.75 $99.95 - SAVE 30%

- 2x Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids
- Emotional Warriors Card Game (memory card game for Kids)
- Positive Affirmation Card Set + Stand
- 1x Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Adults

$172.70 $111.95 - SAVE 35%

- 3x Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids
- Emotional Warriors Card Game (memory card game for Kids)
- Positive Affirmation Card Set + Stand
- 1x Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Adults

Plus bonus FREE GIFTS valued at $38.80!

Resilient Family Toolkit Description:

Resilient ME® Gratitude Journal for Kids: Choose 1,2 or 3
For ages 5-12, this gratitude and resilience journal not only teaches kids how to get the most out of practicing gratitude, but also has heaps of fun activities to help them build resilience and boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges and build a positive attitude.

Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Adults: This guided gratitude journal not only teaches you how to get the most out of your gratitude practice, but also provides an insight into many tools and techniques, based on the best psychological research, to help you build resilience and boost happiness so you can create a life worth living, because everyone deserves to live a fulfilling, content and happy life.

Emotional Warriors Card Game: Little tools to learn about BIG emotions. This fun card game teaches kids that all emotions are normal, and serve an important function for healthy emotional development. Have fun while learning!

Positive Affirmation Card Set
Little tools to build a positive mindset + BONUS card stand. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Challenge negative thought patterns, influence your mood and see the positive impact on your life. Contains: 50 positive affirmations | 25 cards | 5 styles + instruction sheet and BONUS display stand.

Emotional Warriors Feelings Notepad: Kids feeling overwhelmed and can't find the words to communicate? Let the Emotional Warriors help them to communicate their feelings fast with this easy to fill out tear-off notepad.

Guide to Gentle Nutrition eBook: DITCH THE DIET and reclaim your energy, confidence & health without giving up the foods you love.

How to Practice Gratitude and Change Your Life eBook: A practical guide about how to start a gratitude practice and change your life.

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Have Times Been Tough For You And Your Kids?
Do You Dread The After School Meltdowns?

Sometimes you and your kids get weighed down by stress from all the things happening in the world around you. It’s normal. But do you confront the negative emotions in a smart and healthy way?


With the Resilient Family Toolkit you and your kids can:

  • - Explore ways to recognize, acknowledge and manage BIG difficult emotions.
  • - Develop a positive mindset and learn how to challenge negativity through proven activities and journal prompts.
  • - Encourage kindness, healthy sleep, movement and nutrition habits.
  • - Feel more confident and able to cope with adversity.
  • - Make meaningful connections and build empathy.

What's inside the kids journal?

What people are saying about our journals


"We are big, big fans of AwesoME Inc... We absolutely love our gratitude journals. So, so good for Aiden. So great for kids in helping with their mental health and having a growth mindset!"

Justine Shera - Mum


"I use gratitude journaling for myself, with my clients and my kids to build in and strengthen good wellbeing habits into everyday. The gratitude journals by AwesoME Inc are actually the best that I've come across.”

Dr Emma Woodward - The Child Psychology Service


"It's so cool! I got one because my little guy was always focusing on the wrong stuff. He really took to it. It has made such a difference to how he approaches everything. I really highly recommend them. Just go ahead and buy one, you won't regret it!"

Louisa Currie - Mum

Read more customer reviews HERE




Gratitude is an expression of appreciation or being thankful. Practising Gratitude is an easy and effective way of retraining your brain, and is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. If you focus on the good, soon you will see more, enjoy more, appreciate more. For more information on the science behind gratitude go HERE.


This will be different for everyone, but you can bring the concept of gratitude into so many areas of day-today life. The best way to teach your children is by role-modeling behaviours. When someone helps you, talk about how grateful it makes you feel, how simple acts can mean so much. Talk about the things that are meaningful and bring you joy - these are things like spending time with family, new experiences or happy events, rather than material objects. Sit around the dinner table and talk about something awesome that happened, it doesn't have to be a big thing. Gratitude allows us to sit in the moment. For ways to teach your children about gratitude read more here: 5 Reasons To Teach Gratitude To Our Children


Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and to bounce back from difficult life events. When crisis hits having skills that build up your resilience can be a life-saver. Helping yourself and those you love survive through difficult times can seem so overwhelming. By learning tools and techniques that build resilience we can thrive in life, and become stronger and wiser through our experiences.


Childhood is the perfect time to develop resilience - it is a challenging time when their independence, self-identity and self-worth all become increasingly important. As parents we want to protect our children from the hardships of life, but sometimes by doing so we stop them talking risks, making mistakes and failing. But we all need to face adverstiy to learn how to be more resilient, how to get back up when we fall, how to learn different ways of doing things when we make mistakes. By teaching your children important life skills that foster resilience they will be able to use them in their daily lives to navigate challenges with ease and confidence. Practising gratitude is one of these important life skills that helps us see the world from a different perspective and not be overwhelmed by temporary circumstances.


Best practice is just to get started! Ideally we recommend journaling 3-4 times a week, but if it fits better with your daily routine then do it as often as you wish. Setting aside just 5 minutes a day to write in your journal will bring so many positive rewards.

The Science...

Gratitude brings people together by fostering connection on a much wider scale, helping both individuals and communities to thrive.

We believe the benefits of gratitude can spread beyond the kids to teachers, family members and their community.

Teaching children from a young age to look for the good in each day, is teaching them a way to be happy no matter the situation they may be in.

Children’s ability to think gratefully can be strengthened in as little as two days and has long lasting effects where they are happier, kinder, and more helpful.*

Research has shown that practising gratitude makes you feel good, it makes you more resilient, makes you more generous and more compassionate.

It helps you feel less isolated and lonely, boosts your immune system and helps strengthen your personal relationships, as well as improving sleep.¹

Children who practice gratitude show increased positive emotions and optimism, decreased negative emotions and physical symptoms, and feel more connected and satisfied with school, family, friends and themselves.²

There is also evidence that teens who practice gratitude are more engaged in their schoolwork and hobbies, have higher grades, and are less envious, depressed, and materialistic.³

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