• Move Fast

    Move Fast

    When was the last time you moved? I mean really moved – in the heart pounding, chest heaving, sweaty kind of way. For some of you exercise might be part of your regular daily or weekly practice, for others it might be less so – and the reasons why might be many and valid. While pounding the pavement for hours might not be realistic...
  • A Year of Resilience

    A Year of Resilience

    What a privilege! Hi AwesoMErs, I am pretty excited and honoured to be invited to share my knowledge with you around the topic of resilience. I’m a registered Educational Psychologist who has worked in special education with the Ministry of Education, with serving personnel and their families in the New Zealand Defence Force, and assessing children’s cognitive and academic functioning in private practice. It...
  • Social Connection

    Social Connection

    No man is an island, right? This month I want to get you thinking about who in your social network provides you support. Hi AwesoMErs, That support can and probably will look different for all of us. The important thing is that we find the support and the connections we have in our communities meaningful. Because when we have meaningful connections with other, we...
  • What’s Your Why?

    What’s Your Why?

    Why do you do what you do? What made you choose your job? Your hobbies? Your friends? The charities or causes
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