Homemade Cream Eggs for Easter

Homemade Cream Eggs for Easter

Easter soul food …

I used to love cream eggs!  Today though, I find them a bit too sweet and would rather some fine dark chocolate instead (honestly). There’s nothing morally wrong with cream eggs, if you love them, but if you find them too sweet too, or have some health concerns here’s a recipe that might do the trick:

Homemade Cream Easter Eggs

1/4 cup cashew butter
1/4 cup plain coconut butter
1-2 Tbsp rice syrup or honey
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
Dark chocolate

Mix together 1/4 cup cashew butter, 1/4 cup plain coconut butter and 1-2 Tbsp rice syrup or honey.

Take two Tbsp of the mixture and add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and mix in a separate bowl.

Place both mixtures into the fridge until just hard enough to work with (like clay) and divide each mixture individually into 8.

Take an 8th of the turmeric mixture and shape into a ball. Wrap this with an 8th of the white mixture into the shape of an egg. Place into the fridge to harden.

Meanwhile, make your own raw dark chocolate (see recipe below) or melt your favourite dark chocolate. Dip the eggs into the chocolate, sitting them on baking paper to set. Enjoy!!


If you want to make your own chocolate try this recipe:

Homemade Chocolate

1/2 cup cacao butter
1/2 cup cacao (or cocoa)
2-4 Tbs of your favourite liquid sweetener.

Melt the cacao over a double boiler, then whisk in the cacao, then once combined, add the sweetener.

**Inspired by Detoxinista.com


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