23 Benefits of Using a Gratitude Journal

23 Benefits of Using a Gratitude Journal

There are just so many benefits of using a gratitude journal that I can’t possibly mention them all in one go.

I love learning about new research that shows how gratitude can do this or that BUT as with any research, it always sits much better with me if I know personally, or know of someone who can vouch for it personally as well.

This is the reason why I love teaching people about the amazing benefits you can gain by practising gratitude, and why I try and get parents to teach their kids to use gratitude and for schools to implement gratitude as part of their day… because it is JUST SO GOOD!

Here are just some of the AMAZING PERSONAL BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE that are coming out in the research:

  1. Improved sleep – and the many flow-on effects if you are getting good sleep
  2. Improved immunity – meaning you are less likely to get sick
  3. You tend to exercise more
  4. Increased energy
  5. You tend to eat better
  6. Less materialistic
  7. Kinder to yourself, to others and the environment
  8. More friendships and social connections
  9. Increased self-esteem
  10. Deeper relationships which a lot of research suggests helps us live happier and longer lives
  11. More resilient
  12. Less stressed and more relaxed
  13. Happier and healthier marriages
  14. More positive feelings
  15. Happier memories
  16. More optimistic
  17. Less envious
  18. Helps you see the good and focus on what really matters
  19. You feel happier
  20. It makes more people like us because we are nicer, more trusting and more appreciative.
  21. Makes you a more effective manager
  22. Increases your productivity
  23. Can curb symptoms of depression and anxiety

There are so many studies that you can find to back up this list! All you have to do is Google it! You can also read more —> HERE.

Check out our graphic below for a snap shot of benefits.

Here at AwesoME Inc, we firmly believe in the power of spending time identifying and writing down things we are grateful for in the form of a gratitude journal. By taking the time and energy to identify and write down our thoughts we hard-wire them into our brains, making them that much more powerful.

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